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The Benefits of Astrologer Liton Dewan Chishti is a Comprehensive Guide

Astrologer Liton Dewan Chishti is a spiritual leader who succeeded to the caliphate from Hazrat Syed Hasnain Chishti, the current Pir Saheb of Ajmer Sharif, the 23rd descendant, after going to the court of the famous Oli Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti. Liton Dewan Chishti was born in the traditional Dewan family of Bagbari village in Munshiganj district and showed special features from birth. He often acted differently and spent a lot of time in a meditative state.


Liton Dewan Chishti in The Service of Humanity

Astrologer Liton Dewan Chishti is a well-known and highly accomplished astrologer who has won multiple gold medals for his work. He has dedicated his life to serving humanity and wishes to build an ashram and shrine in his birthplace of Bagbari village in Srinagar, Munshiganj. His goal is to work for the benefit of others and help those in need, without any desire for personal gain. For over a century, he has provided support and aid to the poor and distressed in his village during Ramadan and Eid, and even during the pandemic, he has continued to provide food and assistance to those in need.

What Kind of Person is Liton Dewan Chishti

Liton Dewan Chishti once said that he has always wanted to help people. When he reaches the end of his life, he wants to go back to his village and spend time with ordinary folks. He plans to spend time at his father’s holy shrine and engage in discussions with the people who will stay in the ashram. He hopes to learn more about the Chishtiya Tarika and improve his spiritual journey while helping others with theirs. Despite what some people may think, Astrologer Liton Dewan Chishti clarifies that he is not a commercial person.




Astrologer Liton Dewan Chishti

How Liton Dewan Chishti’s Journey Began

Astrologer Liton Dewan Chisthi first started Sadhana sitting in his father’s place of Sadhana and devoted himself to human service. After achieving success with human services in his area for about three years, he came to Dhaka to expand the scope of human services. He started his career in Islampur’s China Market in 1988 with Amiya. Then from 1990 to 1993, he took office at Shahid Farooq Road in the Jatrabari area. From 1996 to 2004, he had his office at Palawell Super Market in Paltan. Then came in 2007, Eastern Karmasial Astrologer Liton Dewan Chishti of Kakrail occupied the office. Liton Dewan has been working at Ajmeri Gems House in Bashundhara shopping mall since 2008, and he still works there today. He didn’t become famous overnight and had to work hard to get where he is now. He has helped millions of people with his advice and guidance. To serve more people, he has expanded his services to all the populated areas nearby.



astrologer liton dewan chishti

Liton Dewan Chishti is an Award Winner Advisor

Liton Dewan is a respected person who has helped many people. He suggests visiting the shrines of Hazrat Khwaja Mainuddin Chishti, Hazrat Syed Mian Chishti, Mal Khan Jahan Chishti, and Shahjalal whenever you have free time. Many famous people, like politicians, judges, and businessmen, have praised him for his advice and the gemstones he provides. Astrologer Liton Dewan Chishti has even received many awards and gold medals for his work both in Bangladesh and abroad.

Dedication, Fame, and Reputation 

Liton Dewan Chisti is an astrologer who is dedicated to serving humanity. His commitment to helping people has earned him fame and recognition both in his home country of Bangladesh and beyond. He is a skilled astrologer who is widely regarded as the best in Bangladesh. Astrologer Liton Dewan Chishti has won multiple gold medals and is known as Jyotisharaj, meaning “king of astrology.” Despite facing criticism and false allegations from jealous individuals, Liton remains focused on his work and continues to serve his clients with sincerity. He has millions of fans who benefit from his advice and guidance, and he is widely respected for being a genuine astrologer who is dedicated to helping others.


Liton Dewan Chishti A The Astrologer Who Turns Enemies into Friends

Liton Dewan Chishti is a humble and kind person who has always prayed for those who spread false rumors about him. He leads a simple life and is admired by many for his spiritual devotion, honesty, and patience. Despite facing criticism and opposition, he has a remarkable ability to turn enemies into friends. He has fans and followers all over the world who love and support him. Astrologer Liton Dewan Chishti’s success is due to his fans’ prayers and love, which he has transformed into a powerful force.


Overseas Popularity of Liton Dewan Chisti 

Ajmeri Gems House” is a popular place where people go to get astrology services in Bangladesh. Liton Dewan Chishti, the astrologer there, is well-known and respected. He has many fans in India too, and often visits different shrines in the country and even outside it, including the famous Ajmer Sharif. Astrologer Liton Dewan Chishti is dedicated to helping others and often talks about the teachings of Sufi saints and philosophers to his devotees. He even arranges trips to Ajmer Sharif for those who want to go. Overall, his popularity is growing every day

Identifying Real Gemstones: Tips from Astrologer Liton Dewan Chishti

Liton Dewan Chishti, a well-known astrologer and the head of the company, talked about gemstones and how to tell if they are real or fake. He explained that there are many different gemstones in the market, each with its own unique colors and shades. However, it can be difficult to know which ones are genuine. Astrologer Liton Dewan Chishti advised that an experienced eye is needed to determine whether a gemstone is real or fake. It’s important to look at the gemstone’s shape, color, transparency, and any unwanted substances inside. Using a microscope can help, but the best way to check is to compare the gemstone’s refractive index with a list of known values. This will give an exact identification of the gemstone because there is no significant variation in the refractive index of a particular gemstone.

astrologer liton dewan chishti

Relief from Restlessness and Depression with Genuine Gemstones at Ajmeri Gems House

If you’re feeling restless or depressed in your personal life, visit famous astrologer Liton Dewan Chishti Saheb for relief. And if you’re looking to buy a genuine gemstone, head over to Ajmeri Gems House. They promise 100% originality on all their gems, so you can avoid any scams. Remember to take care of yourself and your loved ones, and visit Ajmeri Gems House for the right gemstone. Astrologer Liton Dewan Chishti is an expert in many fields, including gemology, genealogy, palmistry, astrology, and Tantra Shasta. He has over 30 years of experience in Bangladesh and India and has won awards for his expertise in gemstones. You can find him at Ajmeri Gems House where he offers consultations for success without any disappointment. You can also securely consult with him online or in person without any interviews. Liton Dewan Chishti is a discerning and visionary astrologer with a practical and traditional approach to gemstones.

Astrologer Liton Dewan Chishti

To Know The Benefits of Gemstones Visit Ajmeri Gems House Today

Liton Dewan is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Chishti Jnana for 30 years. He’s gained a great reputation both in and outside of the country with his skill and knowledge of astrology. He’s received certificates of honor from various newspapers and media. You can consult with the best astrologer, Mahajyotishraj Liton Dewan Chishti Saheb, to learn about the benefits of gemstones. If you’re feeling restless or depressed, come to Ajmeri Gems House and meet Liton Dewan Chishti Saheb to get rid of these feelings. Astrologer Liton Dewan Chishti is a spiritual leader dedicated to serving humanity. He is a dedicated person to the nation and got a lot of awards. Learn about his journey, dedication, and awards in Bangladesh and abroad.




With the help of famous astrologer Liton Dewan Chishti, unleash the power of destiny. Find out about the profound wisdom of Ajmeri Gems House, which offers genuine jewels to improve your path through life. Put your faith in Liton Dewan Chishti’s knowledge to lead you to cosmic harmony and self-realization. Experience the transforming power of astrology and gemstones while being guided by a well-known expert. With the help of Liton Dewan Chishti and Ajmeri Gems House, discover your full potential today.


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