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Regarded as the symbol of royalty, emeralds are one of the most precious and rare gemstones. This jewel is recognized for its special natural inclusions. Natural emeralds are often considered rarer than diamonds. Therefore, sometimes certified emerald stones claim a higher price. However, Ajmeri Gems House offers the best natural emerald stones price in Bangladesh. Do you want to know some interesting facts about natural emerald stones? If yes, you are in the correct place! Let’s know more about it.


Natural Emerald Stones Price and the Enchanting World

Natural emerald stones price is amongst the most valuable stones in the world. It is formed after hydrothermal fluids that are escaped from magma. These fluids contain elements like beryllium. In the scientific community, natural emeralds are also familiar as natural bery. Although it is generally valued to use as jewelry, it has other significance too.

What is The Color of Emerald Stones?

Deep green is the color of an emerald. This shade is very intense and symbolizes harmony and balance. To determine the value of emeralds, color plays the most crucial role. The brighter the green color, the higher the value! Apart from green, it has a few blue and yellow shades as well.

What is The Shape of The Emerald Stone?

Emeralds can be of different shapes. Besides color, the shape of natural emerald stones price is celebrated all around the world. The round cut and octagon cut are the most popular shapes. Round emeralds are popular because they emphasize the emerald’s refractive quality. In recent times, the popularity of cushion-cut emeralds has increased. Princess, Oval, Marquise, and Pear are some of the other familiar shapes.

What are The Benefits of Emerald Stone?

In astrology, there are some life-changing benefits of using emerald stones

  1. Emerald stone is useful to maintain good relationships with one another.
  2. It brings great benefits to those who are going through bad times.
  3. It helps to increase people’s attention, willpower, and judgment to achieve something.
  4. Keeping emeralds helps to increase self-esteem and interest in higher education.
  5. Using this natural emerald stones price in any business can increase the profit and chances of success.
  6. The person who wears an emerald stone ring will be free from financial distress.
  7. If anyone wearing emerald stone consumes any kind of poisonous food, sweat will immediately appear on his face.
  8. It is useful against any kind of human problem or obstacle.
  9. It is used as a protection against nightmares too.
  10. Eyesight increases in those who look at the natural emerald green stone.
  11. Poisonous animals, such as snakes and scorpions, stay away from those who wear it.
  12. It helps to defeat enemies.
  13. Wearing emerald stones removes anxiety and helps cure leprosy.
  14. It is also useful to increase memory.

 Buy Natural Emerald Stone

If you want to buy a genuine emerald, you must choose a trusted store that sells natural emerald stones price. In Bangladesh, Ajmeri Gems House is undoubtedly the best option for you. You will get authentic and good quality emerald stones in our store. How will you know if the emerald is real or fake? Two methods can easily tell whether an emerald is genuine or not. If you put an emerald on a white cloth and raise it a little higher, the white cloth will have a green glow. The shade is another way to recognize the original emerald stone. The stones that have the color of a neem leaf and a yellow flash are genuine emerald stones.

Natural Emerald Stones Price in Bangladesh

You must be thinking about how much emeralds are worth buying, whether for beauty or for getting some of the benefits. For those who are trying to know the cost of emerald stone, we are here to help you.  Ajmeri Gems House always tries to decide the price of the stones based on customer demand. We have the largest collection of gemstones in the country. Our authenticity makes us the country’s most reliable and world-class gemstone company. You can get all the information from our website.

Discovering the Allure of Natural Emerald Stones at Ajmeri Gems House

Natural emerald stones price starts from Tk 1000/- per carat. You can also get stones for Tk 2000/-, Tk 3000/-, Tk 4000/-, or Tk 10,000/- per carat. The various range of price depends on the quality of the emerald.  So, if you are looking for emeralds with which you want to change your life or perhaps express your love, visit the website of Ajmeri Gems House. You can also come in person to our outlets to check out our world-class collections of the rarest of jewels.





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