Discover the Original Cats Eye Stone Price From Ajmeri Gems House

৳ 10,000.00

Ajmeri Gems House, a renowned gemstone dealer, offers Bangladesh the. We provide Original Cats Eye Stone. If you’re interested in purchasing Orissa Cats Eye Stone, their collection boasts a variety of sizes and qualities. This gemstone is known for its bright and gorgeous appearance, but it’s also delicate and easily damaged by scratches. Despite lacking luster, it’s still smooth and shiny and can be slippery due to its weight. The best quality Orissa Cat’s Eye features three clear stripes, which Ajmeri Gems House ensures in their collection. They also warn against purchasing stones with cracks, dots, or stains as they are signs of low quality that won’t fetch the best cat’s eye stone price.


Ajmeri Gems House is Your Destination for Genuine Orissa Cats Eye Stones

At Ajmeri Gems House, we make it easy for you to find the best quality Original Cats Eye Stone. Our collection guarantees genuine gems, so you can rest assured that you won’t find any fakes here. This gemstone earned its name, Cats Eye Stone, due to its unique ability to glow like a cat’s eye in the dark. Choosing the right Cats Eye Stone can be tricky, but we’re here to help. To recognize genuine gems, there are a few easy rules to follow. When you rub an authentic Cats Eye Stone, it increases in brightness, which is not possible with imitations. . Trust Ajmeri Gems House for all your genuine Cats Eye Stone needs!

Explore the Benefits of Cat Eye Gemstone

You will get many benefits from using our Original Cats Eye Stone. Below, we mentioned some essential benefits of aCats Eye Stone. 

  1. Blue cats eye can help resolve legal problems.
  2. It’s useful for people who have enemies or conflicts in their personal or professional life.
  3. Cats’ eye stones can protect against evil influences and spirits.
  4. Holding this stone can increase interest in religious activities and improve memory.
  5. It can boost self-confidence and decision-making ability.
  6. The stone is believed to help regain lost wealth.
  7. It’s beneficial for risk-takers in business.
  8. It can alleviate physical pain and treat conditions like depression, paralysis, and cancer.
  9. Cat’s eye stone can also help with indigestion and heartburn.
  10. It’s recommended for those experiencing bad dreams or fear due to evil spirits.
  11. It can be helpful for people who invest money in the stock market based on luck.
  12. The stone can also help revive old businesses.

How to Recognize the Original Cats eye Stone And Its Usefulness 

Orissa Catseye stone, particularly, can help relieve stress and anxiety. It also aids in increasing spiritual awareness. This gem can protect the wearer from potential damage to their reputation, scandals, and more. Sri Lanka is the best place to find the world-renowned Cat’s Eye gemstone. Cat’s eye comes in different colors like blue, white, black, green, yellow, and dry leaves. The gems available in the market these days have dazzling colors and brilliance. All of these Original Cats Eye Stones have iridescence. But how can we recognize the real ones from the fake ones? 

Let’s find out how to know the authentic Cats Eye Stone today.

  1. Crystals: They are super shiny and bright.
  2. Five: Be careful not to scratch this type of cat’s eye, as it can get damaged easily.
  3. Shishupali: It’s a big-sized item.
  4. Glaze: This type of cat’s eye doesn’t have any sparkle.

The Popular Ways to Know Cat’s, Eye Stones

  1. Original Cats Eye Stone is heavier than you might think.
  2. The highest quality cat’s eye will have three distinct stripes.
  3. A top-grade natural cat’s eye stone will feel smooth, shiny, and slippery.
  4. If the blue cat’s eye stone has cracks, dots, or stains, it’s considered low quality.
  5. Genuine cat’s eye stones will become brighter when rubbed, but fake ones won’t.
  6. Avoid rough, dark spots and water-colored cat’s eye stones, as they’re lower quality.

We Provide The Exclusive Price For Original Cats Eye Stones

The price of an original Odisha cat’s eye stone in Bangladesh starts from 1000/- rupees per carat and can go up to more than 5000/- rupees per carat. The quality of the stone affects its price. The better the quality of the Odisha cat’s eye stone, the higher the price. So, the best quality cat’s eye stones will cost more. Brazilian Original Cats Eye Stone are priced between Rs. 2000/- per carat to over Rs. 4500/- per carat. The price depends on the stone’s quality, and higher quality stones will be priced higher. You can find good quality Brazilian cat’s eye stones at higher prices.

Unveiling Authentic Brilliance Genuine Cat’s Eye Stones at Ajmeri Gems House

In conclusion, if you’re looking for genuine Orissa Cats Eye Stones, Ajmeri Gems House is the place to go for Bangladesh’s best cat’s eye stone price. Their collection boasts a variety of sizes and qualities, ensuring you get the perfect gemstone for your needs. But it’s essential to recognize the original Cats Eye Stone from imitations. Genuine stones will have specific features like brightness, smoothness, and distinct stripes. Also, they will be heavier than expected and become brighter when rubbed.  At Ajmeri Gems House, you can trust that all their gemstones are genuine and will provide you with the benefits of cat’s eye stones. From resolving legal problems to increasing spiritual awareness, the uses of this gemstone are vast.


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