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Are you searching for a dependable place to buy precious Gemstones of the highest caliber? Then no worries Ajmeri Gems House is offering here the best Yamini Hakik stone price in Bangladesh. This store offers a wide range of gemstones at affordable prices. Agate, also known as Hakik, is a special type of opaque stone that has healing properties. It’s believed to have astrological significance and can give a sense of satisfaction and positivity to the person who wears it.

The stone gets its name from the Greek river Achates in Sicily, where it was first discovered by Greek philosophers around 300 years ago.  In ancient times, soldiers used to wear agate as a talisman, and the Egyptians also prized it for its supposed healing powers. Agate comes in different colors like red, black, milky, grey, blue, pink, green, and brown, and its quality depends on its size, weight, and color. If you’re looking for the best quality Hakik, look for a colorful or multicolored Sulemani.


Yamini Hakik Stone Price and Why Buy It From Us

Get the best Yamini Hakik stone price with High Demand Worldwide. Yamini Hakik has a lot of demand in the world. This gemstone is also very appealing. You can obtain this stone, which is very popular and effective. The agate price varies according to the country, although it is often greater for good-cut agate. Agate gems are found all over the world. Agate stones of greater quality cost a little more because pricing is directly related to quality. The Yamini Hakik stone price per carat ranges from Tk 2000 and higher. 

Discover Authenticity and Value Premium Hakik Gemstones Starting at Tk 2000 Per Carat

The price of the original stone starts from Tk 2000 per carat. Per carat ranges from Rs 3000 onwards, as the good price depends on good quality. The best way to get the best results is to use a specialist. Most of the time, we are unable to select the perfect stone. Come to our shop to get your problem resolved and we’ll ensure that the precious stones are 100% original.

Yamini Hakik Stone Benefits 100 Percent Assurance 

  • Use genuine Hakik Stone to end poverty. 
  • If a person wears the Yamini Hakik stone price turned towards the palm of the hand from that time until evening, he will avoid all kinds of dangers. 
  • Agate improves memory and helps to ward off danger, while red agate increases respect. 
  • Helps in the digestive process and assimilation
  • It gives positive luck and removes bad luck from the person.
  • Recovery sleep and combats nervousness  and bad dreams

Yamini Hakik Stone Color and Rules for Using Agate Stone

There are some guidelines to follow when working with hakik stone. In our country, we call it Agate or Agate. It’s red, black, and yellow. Susolemani agate stone is another name for black agate. It will be orange, red, scarlet, or deep orange in color. It’s a good healer. The benefits of black hakik stone include protection, strength, and courage for the wearer you will also the best Yamini Hakik stone price from us.

Embrace Tranquility and Clarity Unveiling the Benefits of White Hakik Stone

White hakik stone benefits include bringing the wearer peace, harmony, and balance, as well as increasing mental clarity and focus. The ring finger will always be adorned with Red hakik. Or as a locket around the neck. The motor nervous system is primarily stimulated by red agate. Fatigue is reduced as a result. Helpful in anger management and mind healing. Its ruling planet is Mars or Mars Sun. Yamini Hakik stone price is essentially an energy stone.

Liton dewan Chisti Famous Astrologer in BD

Liton Dewan Chisthi is a well-known astrologer in Bangladesh, known for his precise predictions and deep knowledge of astrology. He is well-known in the country for his vast knowledge of astrology and his ability to provide practical solutions to his client’s problems. With his astrological knowledge and advice, he has contributed to countless people in Bangladesh. His clients include everyone from regular people to celebrities and politicians.

Empowering Decisions with Accuracy The Legacy of Liton Dewan Chisthi and Ajmeri Gems House

Liton Dewan Chisti is well-known for his accurate predictions, which have assisted many people in making important life decisions. Ajmeri Gems House is a gemstones online store that sells a wide range of magic stones, including Sulemani stones. This is one such platform that provides the best Yamini Hakik stone price, making it an excellent choice for every enthusiastic person. We have a solid track record of offering high-quality Destiny’s Gem and excellent customer service.

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